29 August 2008

This is what I get for skipping ahead

I sometimes like to browse ahead in books I'm reading ... just to see if what I think is going to happen is going to happen. Or, when I'm reading a chick lit book and I want to make sure that the girl ends up with the right guy. This doesn't stop me from going back and reading what I skipped. However, it's really hard to continue to read a book once you've learned that the author has killed off someone you like very much.

I just had that happen to me with "For a Few Demons More" by Kim Harrison. I'm not even sure why I skipped ahead to the end, but I did, and found out that Kisten dies. Noooooooooo!!!! It was really hard to keep reading to find out how and why Kisten died, and I still don't understand. I mean, why did she have to kill Kisten? Piscary, yes, by all means kill the hell out of him, but Kisten??? Ivy's Kisten?! Rachel's Kisten?! I'll admit I didn't like him much in the beginning - or rather, he wasn't a major enough character for me to have a feeling about him one way or another - but once he broke through Rachel's defenses, he won me over as well.

I imagine I'd be less happy if it were Jenks who died. But maybe not. I love Jenks, but Kisten had that whole bad-boy persona working for him and I'm a sucker for the bad boys.

I got the next book from the library today so I won't have to wait too long to find out what Ms. Harrison has in store for Rachel next. Piscary's dead, and Al is still locked up in the ever after, but there's always fun to be had with Newt and Minias. I just hope that she doesn't use Kisten dying to get Ivy and Rachel together; I have nothing against same-sex relationships, I just don't think that Ivy and Rachel should be together together. And? I want to find out what the anatomical difference between a witch and a human is so Rachel's gonna have to find a witch boyfriend. :)