19 February 2008

Libraries are wonderful things!

I have just re-discovered the wonder that is the public library. All those books ... and they're all FREE!!! Seriously, it's pretty amazing that libraries have all those books and they let people borrow them for free. Anyway, I came home with a pile of books to read. That's the trouble with the library - amazing as it is - with all those books for free it's hard to know when to say when. I have a good mixture of chick lit, young adult, mystery and political thriller. Here's hoping at least one or two of them is readable.

I've been working on Two Seasons in London off and on during my lunch hour. It's very slow going, but I want to at least get all the chapters changed over to first person and then I'll publish the first draft on lulu.com.

kira_may: hiya babe - i love libraries too, esepcially if you can find a nice quiet spot in the stacks somewhere where there aren't any weird people. i'm glad you're writing - does this mean you're feeling better?
me: Columbia's library is truly amazing. It's big and spacious and doesn't look at all like a library. I'm looking forward to going back when I have more time to spend.

I checked out Helen Felding's (Bridget Jones - did I get the author's name right?) first book and couldn't read three pages of it. So, I returned it and didn't feel at all guilty about not reading it or about returning it! Yay, libraries! Came home with two books from Mom, read one and started another, but my library books were due, so I had to take them back. So, now I have Evanovich's Eight, Nine, and Ten, as well as four other books that were recommended by people who liked The Thirteenth Tale. I'll let you know if they are any good. I still miss Borders, though...
me: Keith sent me a B&N gift card for my birthday. Is it cheating to use a gift card to get a new book if I haven't finished reading all the books I currently own?
ang: Never! Not even if you use your own money! :)

jennifer: I just read this post...got to the title of your story and went "Holy SHIT! Somebody stole the title of Judy's BOOK!" And then realized that this is, in fact, your writing journal. ;) *breathes a sigh of relief*

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